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Here in the Perfused Jewelry community, we help you feel confident and empowered with affordable jewelry customized for you & by you.

“We believe that one piece of jewelry can tell a story and confidently express the best parts of who you are”

Our Story

Born in Vallejo, CA, Stephanie’s love for jewelry started at a very young age. Whenever she would wear it, she would feel confident and more like herself. But simply wearing jewelry wouldn’t be enough…her desire was to create it.

And that’s where the journey truly began!

As she grew up, she wanted to express herself more and more with custom beautiful jewelry, but there was a problem…customized options didn’t exist or they would be far too expensive and tarnish quickly.

At this point, Stephanie knew that many women would face the same experiences of not having customized and affordable options for fine jewelry. She saw this as an opportunity and started creating customized permanent-fused fine jewelry.

Returning home years later to Vallejo, she was filled with a passion to help women feel confident and more like themselves…just as she did when she was a girl. 

And that is when Perfused Jewelry was born…to help women hold on to lifelong memories with high-quality & affordable fine jewelry, customized for them and by them.

Our Design & Vision

At Perfused Jewelry, our focus is on you.

Our vision is to create a “jewelry bar” experience where you can feel empowered to create your own personalized jewelry piece.

Every part of our custom design process begins with you in mind because we know the importance of finding high-quality jewelry that’s affordable and customized to you. 

Our selection of custom-fitted jewelry consists of chains and  charms & connectors:

  • Our selection of gold-filled and Sterling Silver chains come in clasp or permanent* options, and are of the highest quality so that they won’t tarnish quickly.

  • Our variety of gold-filled and Sterling Silver charms & connectors come with personalized options, such as your inclusion of birthstones or custom engravings

*Permanent jewelry comes with one free weld for the very rare case that something should happen to your jewelry piece.

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